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Mnunu Nimune is the pseudonym of a cyberpunk artist from Spain. He posts on Tumblr as mnunu-nimune. His work is built around a set of ten rules.

1. Only black and white.

2. 500 width 888 height.

3. Always merge Tech-Noir/Cyberpunk with Occult / Esoteric topics.

4. Just code with Processing. No PS, no AE, no C4D.

5. Work 3 hours max per piece.

6. Just post pictures. No reblogs, no text, no messages,

7. Use your own algorithms and your own classes. Your own typographies and your own languages.

8. Always include Procedural & Random elements.

9. Only use photographs made with your iPhone. No edits.

10. Publish one post a day. 18:30 Madrid time.


Pretty serious rules

Instant follow.

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Romeo and Juliet

- Oedipus


- Europa

- Apolonas and Dafni

Svetlin Vassilev

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I really enjoyed illustrating this weekend’s New York Times Book Review of Ben Lerner’s second novel 10:04 with AD Joele Cuyler. Visually reinterpreting another’s creative work via the interpretation of a third reviewer is often a telephone game-like experience, but in the case of a story that itself cites coconstruction and shared experiences of art, the layered/perception sketches below came together quickly.

I’ve included something that I don’t always mention but is integral to most illustrations I work on: inspiration beacons. After I’ve worked out the content of the illustration in sketches, I reach for the shelves and folders of art books and JPGs and usually unconsciously pull a few that serve as these beacons. I place them next to the reference on a second monitor to play the role of corner-men, long lost teachers, or idea-maps to something I’m fixated on at the time. In this case, they happened to be a collage by Josep Renau, a book cover illustration by Mitchell Hooks, and a photo by John Cho.

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Old commissioned works.

Thank you very much for your kindness!

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Michelle Morin aka unitedthread on Etsy

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jamesjeanart: Chamber. Ink and Digital, 8.25 x 11.5”, 2014.


jamesjeanartChamber. Ink and Digital, 8.25 x 11.5”, 2014.

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To the artist, the forest is an asylum of peace and dancing shadows.

John F. Carlson (May 05, 1875 - May 19, 1947) born in Sweden

American impressionist

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Kerascoët’s covers for Beauté with scans of the original art for the 2nd and 3rd tomes and the cover design for the first.

I think Kerascoët’s use of green ink is very interesting as a way to define lines and spaces meant for color while maintaining information within the image that black ink would otherwise compromise. It’s a smart method with using green to define the sky against the cloud and especially with the amount of creatures drawn heavily with black, the green prevents her from losing the shapes and figures to black and also from committing the all too common aural line around figure that would completely destroy the eerie mood of the third cover or the delicate detail of the comb going through black hair in the second.

This book looks great. Please come to America. I don’t care if it’s translated or not.

This book is coming out from NBM this Fall. All three books in one oversized volume, coming out around the same time as a larger collection of Miss Don’t Touch Me. It’s called “Beauty.”

I am all over this wonderful shit

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